• P.G.D.B.A, Annamalai University
  • Ph.D.(Tech.), Organic Chemical Technology-Intermediates & Dyes, I.C.T. (formerly U.D.T.C), Mumbai
  • M.Sc (Tech.), Organic Chemical Technology-Intermediates & Dyes, I.C.T, Mumbai
  • B.Sc (Tech.), Organic Chemical Technology-Intermediates & Dyes, I.C.T, Mumbai
  • B.Sc, Chemistry and Physics, Mumbai University
  • Qualified Lead Assessor for ISO Quality Standards

Fellowship and Membership in Professional Bodies

  • Fellow of Institution of Chemists, India
  • Chartered Chemist, Institution of Chemists, India
  • Fellow of Institute of Standards Engineers
  • Founder Life Member of Society of Toxicologists, India
  • Member of Board of Studies in Agricultural Entomology, Annamalai University, 1985-88
  • Life Member, FOSET (Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists), 1986
  • Member, Technical Committee, Association of Basic Manufacturers of Pesticides
  • Representative of Pesticides Association of India in Central Board for the prevention and control of water pollution. Implementation of Minimal National Standards (MINAS), 1986
  • Nominated to Maharashtra Pollution Control Board’s Environmental Committee, January 1985
  • Expert for drafting Indian Standard Specifications for Pesticides and their Residues (Bureau of Indian Standards), 1975 and 1986
  • President of Haldia Sub-Centre of FOSET (intended for rural development based on science and technology), 1993-94


  • First in the country to develop five Coal Tar Food Colours
  • Developed a viable semi-continuous process for Vat Dye Indanthrene Blue RSN and optimised by statistical method
  • Commercially developed the process for Phorate Technical, Ethion Technical, Malathion Technical, and Methyl Parathion Technical
  • Headed the operations group in pesticides manufacture (acephate, dimethoate, monocrotophos, and ethion)
  • Established R&D and Quality Control laboratories in seven organisations
  • Standardised analytical techniques, shelf-life/environment stability studies, and enhanced shelf life of a pesticide – studies approved by Central Insecticides Board
  • Active participant in finalising Indian Standards for Pesticide, Technicals, Formulations, and Residues
  • Prepared technical manuals for ISO Certification, onside and offside emergency plans, c-GMP documents, quality circles, and technical specifications for Ayurvedic Drugs
  • President of Rotary Club of Haldia, West Bengal, 1993-94

Talks & Lectures 

  •  Process and Control in Pesticide Manufacture, Chemical Process Industrial Analytical Techniques – Summer School sponsored by Indian Society for Technical Education, June 12, 1986, A.C. College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai.
  • Role of Pharmaceutical Industries in Conservation of Medicinal Plants as part of U.G.C. sponsored seminar on the need for the conservation of Medicinal Plants of Western Ghats with special reference to Belthangadi Taluk, 27-29 Nov.,1998, S.D.M.College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Ujire, D.K.District, Karnataka.
  • Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala – A model for Rural Development and Social Upliftment based on Science, Technology and Management. Paper presented at the National Chemical Laboratory (C.S.I.R.), Pune, on the occasion of the felicitation of Prof. B.D. Tilak on his 80th birthday.
  • Safety Precautions in the Manufacture and Formulation of Pesticides at the Central Plant Protection Training Institute ( Central Insecticides Board), Hyderabad. Pesticides – their handling, storage and safe use – training course (to experts from various State Departments of Agriculture), Sept. 28, 1981.
  • Training to the Insecticide Inspection in the state at S.I., P.P. & P.S., Malakpet, Hyderabad. Guest Lecture to Q.C. Inspectors on Sept. 21, 1981 covering Pesticides, E.C. Formulations and Machinery.
  • Chaired 1-Day Seminar on ” University – Industry – Research Institutions: The Eternal Triangle ” on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebration of I.C.T., Mumbai
  • Can Indian Pharmacopoeia replace overseas  Material Specifications in specific cases of Raw Materials for Drugs?, 1972 (Warner Hindustan Limited, Hyderabad).
  • Haldia Vignan Parishad Ayojit ” Gram Unnayane Vignan o Prajuktir Bhumika ” Shirshak Alochana Chakre, Dr. V.N. Iyer pradatta, Jan. 3, 1993 -er (in Bengali).

Participation in Conferences/Training Programmes

  • Emerging Technology in the Chemical Industries, Technical and Applied Chemistry Department, V.J.T.I., Mumbai, Dec. 1988.
  • India’s First Summit on Quality by Confederation of Indian Industry, Bengaluru, Nov. 1-4, 1993.
  • Preparation of spice oleoresins, C.F.T.R.I. (C.S.I.R.), Mysuru, 1972.
  • Overseas Training in Quality Assurance, Elbeuf, France, May-July, 1975.
  • Overseas Training in Pesticide Residue Evaluation, Vitry, France, November-December, 1976.

Technical Evaluations for Government Agencies

  •  Substitution of Absolute Alcohol by Anhydrous Methanol for spectrophotometric assay evaluation of a pesticide. The statistical evaluation study was accepted by the Central Insecticides Board and Bureau Of Indian Standards.
  • Enhancement of shelf life of a pesticide from two to three years based on scientific laboratory and locational studies was accepted by the Central Insecticides Board as a Basic Document for all pesticide units in India.

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